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Law Office of Matthew E. Schaefer

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The Law Office of Matthew E. Schaefer provides Small Business, Personal Injury and General Litigation services to clients in the New York City metro area. I pride myself on listening to my clients and providing them with a plan to make the best of what is often a bad situation.

Contract Review

Small Buisness

Let the Law Office of Matthew E. Schaefer be the solution that your business needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, I can provide proactive solutions to a diversity of clients.

Personal Injury Law

The not so big secret in Personal Injury Law is that cases are  primarily concerned with insurance coverage.  When you bring suit against someone for a car accident or a trip and fall, you are really making a claim against their insurance company. For a dozen years I represented and advised insurance companies and their clients in lawsuits throughout the New York Courts.  Now I use that experience to my client's advantage, to secure the best recovery that I can.

General Litigation

Sometimes problems arise, and you need someone to help resolve them.  I have helped people and businesses resolve all manner of issues; enforcing contract terms,  resolving property disputes,  and securing insurance coverage to name just a few.

Client 2

A.S.  Brooklyn, NY

Valued Feedback

Matthew is an outcome-minded, results driven attorney who never loses the forest for the trees. His sense of patience, logic and ability to think on his toes make him a rare and effective litigator and trial attorney. Matthew also connects particularly well with business and land owners because he prioritizes the time value of money in litigation and transactional matters. I recommend him without reservation.

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